In recent days, you have strange sensations accompanied by new emotions. Is it a coming revolution in your life? Want to know if this is not the first signs of pregnancy.

Indices Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs Of Pregnancy

Some women experience early symptoms of pregnancy.
  • The cessation of menstruation is the first objective sign of pregnancy. However, many women have irregular periods or periods of amenorrhea (cessation of spontaneousmenses), making this sign, in fact, unreliable, in early pregnancy
  • Your breasts are painful, especially on the sides. They are swollen, bulging withnipples that are stained darker. They are harder and a little larger. 
  • You're feeling a little smeared on awakening.
  • It is not uncommon to experience heartburn, of suddenly being disgusted by certain foods or repelled by the smell. 
  • Your appetite will vary: you can not eat or, conversely, you have trouble controlling your appetite.You feel tired in the dark, especially if it is not your first pregnancy
  • You have mood swings (positive or negative) according to the hormonal action. 
  • You are irritable or become hypersensitive.
Beware though, these symptoms can not confirm a pregnancyA pregnancy testimmediately and above all a confirmation will be required by your doctor.

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